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Omega2+ out of box won't produce wifi network

  • I just got my Omega2+ with the Power Dock 2. I have tried several power sources (computer, phone usb charge, another computer etc.) and every time the Omega2+ appears to boot, the LED blinks. It will then stop blinking for a few moments, start blinking aain and eventually all the leds on both the power dock and Omega2+ will all turn off.

    At no point does a wifi network become available to connect to. Any ideas?

  • i'd suggest a power supply of 5V 2A minimum. usb lines from computers and/or phone chargers most of the time do not supply the current that the omega2 needs to boot up. especially at the point where the omega2 attempts to connect to a wifi router and can generally require for a brief period of time current in excess of what a usual usb line or phone charger can provide.

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