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Onion is unable to talk over serial when monitored.

  • Dears,
    I have a rather strange issue. I am using an Onion Omega 2+ with an Arduino Dock, and have been following the tutorial on how to communicate between the devices using PySerial. At one time the tutorial mentions how to test the serial connectivity and states that if i do a cat /dev/ttyS1 or if I use screen /dev/ttyS1 then I will be able to see the serial messages. In my case it is not showing anything even if I echo into it using echo "asd" > /dev/ttyS1
    Anyone has come across this issue, or knows about a solution for a working serial communication?
    Thanks in advance!

  • @Gabor-Papp
    I have figured that Onion will not talk to itself, no idea why. However it is not able to read anything from the /dev/ttyS1 even tho the attached Arduino sends text to the serial port which I can see with screen command. When I loop both the read and both the sending, I can see the sent string from arduino on the onion "screen" command, although with half the rate Im sending it, but still the Onion is unable to see it. I am slowly going mad above this, please help!


  • What happens if you set your arduino to 9600 baud and do:
    screen /dev/ttyS1 9600

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