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Can't install npm package serialport

  • I have an Omega 2+ with an SD card setup with an overlay and a 1 gig swap file set up.


             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

    Mem: 125748 103792 21956 336 4804 76784
    -/+ buffers/cache: 22204 103544
    Swap: 1023996 0 1023996

    when I try to run npm install serialport, I get the following:

    <--- Last few GCs --->

    388989 ms: Mark-sweep 26.7 (46.5) -> 26.5 (46.5) MB, 1337.3 / 0 ms [allocation failure] [GC in old space requested].
    390314 ms: Mark-sweep 26.5 (46.5) -> 26.4 (46.5) MB, 1325.2 / 0 ms [allocation failure] [GC in old space requested].
    391634 ms: Mark-sweep 26.4 (46.5) -> 26.3 (46.5) MB, 1319.2 / 0 ms [last resort gc].
    392937 ms: Mark-sweep 26.3 (46.5) -> 26.0 (46.5) MB, 1303.4 / 0 ms [last resort gc].

    <--- JS stacktrace --->

    ==== JS stack trace =========================================

    Security context: 0x28f24d59 <JS Object>
    1: write [buffer.js:575] [pc=0x47d7ee14] (this=0x523faf09 <an Uint8Array with map 0x44adeedd>,string=0x42fdbe0d <Very long string[2642]>,offset=4536,length=3656,encoding=0x28f64dbd <String[4]: utf8>)
    2: arguments adaptor frame: 3->4
    3: fromString(aka fromString) [buffer.js:113] [pc=0x47d7d0e0] (this=0x28f08099 <undefined>,string=0x42fdbe0d <Very long string[2642]>,encoding=0x28f64dbd <S...

    FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - process out of memory

    I get the same thing without a swap file, a 256 mb swap file as well. I have 32gig free on the sd card.

    Any suggestions?


  • @Bryan-French, you must create a swap partition un usb, or sd...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @alejandro-neujovics I had created one. I've since updated the firmware to 3.2 b218 and my overlay and swap page isn't working any more. Trying to set it up again, but it seems the mounting of the external devices has changed so the instructions don't match any more. I seem have the overlay set up again, but now I can't set up a swap page on the overlay per the instructions for that, so I'm having trouble increasing the memory.

  • @Bryan-French , after update new firmaware, of course i did need to create again, extended RAM, SWAP, and extra space (overlay), but i did use the old commands..

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