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WiFi connectivity issues

  • I have Onion Omega 2+
    I am unable to connect to different WiFi networks when the WiFi network except for WiFi I initially connected to during the setup.

  • you can do the same by following below steps:

    1. connect with Omega AP with default psk.
    2. take terminal access through putty or any other software.
    3. run command wifisetup
    4. press 1 for scan network near by you. (you can also choose 2 and enter all details manually)
    5. choose your network
    6. choose your network security
    7. enter password

    it will take time of approx 5-10 sec and restart it's wifi adaptor and will get connect automatically.

    Please let me know in case if by above instruction your issue didn't get resolve.

  • I upgraded using 'oupgrade -l' on 30/09/2018 and unable to connect WiFi following above steps by an.arshadali. Below is the result:

    root@Omega-4D3D:~# cat /etc/config/wireless

    config wifi-device 'radio0'
    option type 'ralink'
    option variant 'mt7628'
    option country 'US'
    option hwmode '11g'
    option htmode 'HT40'
    option channel 'auto'
    option disabled '0'
    option device_mode 'apsta'
    option op_mode 'preference'

    config wifi-iface 'ap'
    option device 'radio0'
    option mode 'ap'
    option network 'wlan'
    option ifname 'ra0'
    option encryption 'psk2'
    option key '12345678'
    option disabled '0'
    option ssid 'Omega-****'

    config wifi-iface 'sta'
    option device 'radio0'
    option mode 'sta'
    option ifname 'apcli0'
    option encryption 'psk2'
    option network 'wwan'
    option disabled '0'
    option key 'MyPassword'
    option ssid 'MySSID'

    config wifi-config
    option key 'MyPassword'
    option ssid 'MySSID'
    option encryption 'psk2'

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