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upgrade failed-factory reset failed

  • firmware upgrade failed - factory reset failed.
    At this point I believe I may have made a (tiny) doorstop out of my omega.
    The factory reset instruction did not specify that we would get a message during upgrade install "....[w] unreachable.." on the serial console window. The webpage just says it will take a few minutes. As I thought the upgrade failed, I tried to reconnect to console and then power cycled. Pressing 'omega-reset' button for 10+ seconds did not reinstall factory code.
    Is there a way out this without sending unit back to Omega? There needs to be a more robust upgrade where we get led feedback (or something) during upgrade.

  • Hi @john-b, Do you happen to have an ethernet expansion? You will need that to reflash the firmware on the Omega. If not, if you have some resistors and capacitors we can also show you how to make one on a breadboard.

    Please let me know.

  • Hi Boken,
    Thanks for taking time to respond, especially since it's so close to Christmas.
    I don't have an ethernet expansion but I'm a long time hobbyist so I have all kinds of resistors, caps, etc., plus various Arduino boards. The two Omega expansion boards I ordered with the unit are the basic USB board and the Arduino Uno pinout compatible expansion board. Is there any chance of using that board with it's Atmel chip to reflash the Omega?

    Merry Christmas,


  • Hi @john-b, Yes, there is a way for you to "make" your own ethernet expansion, however it is going to require some hacking, especially since you do not have expansion dock. The Arduino Dock does not break out any pins from the Omega itself, so as fas as flashing the Omega goes, it won't be able to contribute much.

    You should be able to find all the information on how to make your own Ethernet Expansion in the following two posts:

    Since you do not have an Expansion Dock, I have also attached the pinout diagram of the Omega by itself, which you will need to correctly connect the ethernet pins onto the breadboard.


    Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions along the way!

    Happy hacking!

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