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Custom wifi setup interface

  • Has anyone had any experience creating a custom wifi setup interface via omega webserver (php/html/js)

    I have tried to find a way to create a link to the existing wifi setup that you use during the initial OnionOS configuration screen but haven't had much luck.

    I am trying to create a wifi setup page that is styled the same as my existing web pages I have hosted on my omega2+

    I know there is a command line interface but I would like a web based one that includes the ability to turn on/off network discovery as well as setup.

    Anyone know of any existing code that has been written or a way to link to the existing OnionOS wifi setup page?

  • I am also interested in this, although I am using bottle to generate the web pages. I need to serve a webpage that will enable the end user to setup the Wifi without having to use a terminal program and command line.

    What I am thinking to do is GET the settings from the HTML form and use python with subprocess.call(uci set ....) to set SSID and password etc.

  • Forgot to mention. I don't want to enable the end user to log in to root to setup the wifi during the first start setup on wifi setup page. To enable the end user to use above method, the wifi should already be setup and the computer connected to the omega AP

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