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Problem with local wifi access to working nodejs server

  • I've set everything up, including a nodejs server that works fine from the laptop I used to set everything up. But now I want my other computers on my local wifi network to access the omega. My laptop has no problems accessing and running my nodejs server. My omega is being powered by a wall socket so it has no special electrical connection to my laptop. Yet all other computers on my local wifi find nothing at

    Obviously this is something special my laptop knows due to setting all this up that my other computers don't know.

    At this point I'm flat out of ideas. I like hard puzzles and solving them, but I don't like beating my head against the wall until I see nothing other than my own blood.

    Please anyone suggest anything that I might try or look into further!

  • i'd suggest looking at the network map of your local wifi network. usually routers have admin access which allows you to see the map and determine what IP address the router has assigned to the omega2. using that local network IP address will allow the other computers access to the omega2.

  • @Don-O'Brien Hope this helps you.

    • I have a wired / wireless router / Internet gateway - connected to the 'DIGI' internet provider. is the local IP address of my router.
      My router has a DHCP server that provides IP address any connected PC from the ... 254 pool.
      My router has a WiFi AP too - SSID: 'DIGI-xyvz', password: 'WiFi_AP_password'. The DHCP server provides IP address any connected WiFi client from the same pool.

    • I have a well configured Omega2+, FW v0.2.2 b201.
      It has a WiFi AP by default - IP address, SSID 'Omega-5BE1', password 'Omega_WiFi_AP_password' (was '12345678' by default).
      It's WiFi client connected to my WiFi router - got let's say IP (ifconfig | grep -A 2 apcli0)

    • I have a PC too, OS Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.

    I can connect to my Omega - for example with SSH

    • either (before wifisetup and/or I don't know the IP of Omega's apcli0)
      if I connect that PC to Omega's WiFI AP with SSID 'Omega-5BE1', password 'Omega_WiFi_AP_password' (was '12345678' by default)
      (got let's say IP from Omega's DHCP server).
      ssh root@ password 'my_Omega_password' (was 'onioneer' by default)
      because both devices are on the same WiFi network (Omega, PC
    • or (after a successful wifisetup)
      if I connect that PC to my router's WiFi AP with SSID: 'DIGI-xyvz', password: 'WiFi_AP_password'
      (got let's say IP from the router's DHCP server)
      ssh root@ password 'my_Omega_password' (was 'onioneer' by default)
      because both devices are on the same WiFi network (Omega, PC

    Good luck.

  • @György-Farkas thank you very much that looks on the surface like good help. I'll check into it later when of sounder and less frustrated mind.

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