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Issue with wifisetup

  • I've been unable to connect to local WiFi network in order to update and install packages to my Omega2+.0_1545944804499_error_wifisetup_Omega2.jpg

    Can anyone provide guidance on what is preventing wifisetup from successfully establishing a connection?

    Joe Cierniewski

  • @Joseph-Cierniewski Wow! Your v0.1.5 b130 (release date November 22, 2016) firmware is very old. Who remembers those days?
    Try to upgrade it - for example - with this method Firmware Flashing from USB Storage - let's say to v0.1.10 b160 (with Mediatek WiFi driver) or to the latest v0.2.2 b201 (with the new Onion Warp Core WiFi driver).

    (You know 'omega2' for Omega2 and 'omega2p' for Omega2+.)

    Good luck!

  • @György-Farkas
    Thanks for the suggestion - I'll try upgrading the firmware when I get some time. I'll let you know if it works.

  • @György-Farkas
    Well I tried your suggestion to reflash with the latest firmware revision.

    Now I have a new problem - system is unable to read firmware file from USB storage device.


    I tried several times to perform this operation, reformatting USB storage to FAT-32 as specified in "Firmware Flashing From USB Storage" then copying downloaded firmware file renamed omega2.bin to the device, to no avail.

    I'm considering getting an Ethernet expansion to upgrade the firmware via a direct network connection.

    Never had this much difficulty with other SBCs, very frustrating ...

  • @Joseph-Cierniewski If I were you I'd try another USB stick too 😉

    There is another possibility.
    You should copy the dowloaded firmware into Omega's /tmp directory somehow.
    PuTTY has a Secure Copy Client (PSCP) or try to copy that file from your USB stick.
    Run these commands on the Serial Console:
    cd /tmp
    sysupgrade omega2p-v0.2.2-b201.bin

    BTW Perhaps the FW upgrade will solve your original problem ... but I'm not fully sure.

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