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WiFi Extender for Tello drone

  • I got a Tello drone for Christmas, it's controlled via an app on the phone communicating directly to the drone via WiFi. It's recommended to use a WiFi extender to improve range. I've been trying to get this to work with my Onion 2 and power dock.

    It works fine as an extender to our home network, but if I set it up to connect to the drone then connect my phone to the Onion then the app doesn't see the drone.

    I'm assuming it's likely to be because the app is connecting to a specific address.

    Is there a way to see what my phone is trying to do when it tries to connect? Just to get more information. Is there a way I can update/hard code specific routes? Links to doco?

    While I'm here a couple of extra questions:

    • can I connect the onion to both the drone and the local wifi network and also act as an extender?
    • is there a antenna I can connect to the onion to improve range a bit, just in case I need that?


  • @baralong Here's what I did for an antenna: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/pulselarsen-antennas/RO2408NF/553-2621-ND/3025771

    That antenna would surely be in the deep deep overkill zone for physical size and cost, but it's nice for my application (wave height sensor on an in-water buoy). On the other hand, it's 8dBi gain is awesome for a "permanently" installed station.

    The lesson here is go to digikey.com (or Mouse, Newark, etc., etc.) and begin searching for parts based on what YOU need.

    Here is what I used to transition from the O2+ to the project enclosure bulkhead: https://www.taoglas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/CAB.721-1.pdf.

    take care!

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