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Console in the mobile

  • I have a problem with the console on my mobile. Login page is fine, but the app icons overflows the screen and there is no scrollbar.
    However I found an easy solution, just add this to the /www/elements/onion-styles/onion-styles.css :

    #appContainer {
        overflow-y: scroll!important;

    The coincidence is, that is some browsers you have grey vertical scrollbar (or two) even if the screen is big, but actually I am fine with that.
    Maybe it is good idea to include it in the new release.

  • Hi @Petr-Cermak, yup, we are working on making the console mobile friendly. We will be adding a paged layout for the icons and reducing the icon sizes, etc. It should become available in the February release of the Onion Console. Please stay tuned!

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