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New user who is very confused and frustrated by the documentation.

  • Just got an Omega2 Pro from Crowd Supply. (OK, got it a few weeks ago. Just getting around to powering it on.)

    After fighting for an hour, I made the effort to find these forums, and which leads me to after learn that the Web-based Administrative Interface is called "The Console". I now understand that "The Console" has been removed, despite the manual making heavy reference to it.

    Long story short, I now see that I can use typical DevOps and DIY skills with respect to Linux, shell scripts, and etc to manage and control this device, which in fact is nice to know. However...

    I strongly recommend that you update your manual, if only to remove all references to this now deprecated Console. I get that your product is intended for DIYers who need to develop skills with software, but the presence of such a professionally made manual suggests that it is still relevant and useful, and when it refers to software that is no longer present, it causes significant cognitive dissonance.

    Also, I suggest that you make it much more apparent, like, on the main product page, that there's a bug in your oupgrade program that prevents anyone from upgrading to the non-buggy oupgrade program without using special commands that are not listed in the aforementioned documentation.

    I know that I've taken a frustrated tone in this, my first forum post, but I hope it's evident that I am making these suggestions so that you can ensure future customers don't get quite so frustrated on their first experience with your product like I have. I'm sure it was a difficult decision to remove The Console software, because it's clear you've invested a lot of time and good effort in your hardware and software, and it deserves to have accurate documentation on how to use it.


  • @Jeremy-Impson the legacy console can be installed via the new web interface by selecting the app manager and then install legacy console. being that you are new you might want to do it just to experience the additional frustration of using it... ha! just kidding, go ahead and install it and you will be able to use the apps and learn about the system and get some easy control.

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