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Does anyone know what this error is?

  • My omega 2+ boots fine however every so often in the console I get this error message:
    [ 1687.074870] ERROR!!! CntlEnqueueForRecv: BlockAck Request frame length size = 44 incorrect

    It doesn't actually seem to affecting my omega however I'm curious why it keeps popping up as every few minutes of so it'll randomly print in my console.


    P.S photo example attached: 0_1553080438391_error.PNG

  • From a quick google search, this appears to be related to wireless 802.11 settings. You might try to make sure you are setup properly there.

  • i have the same err message.
    Also when i used dmesg i saw a lot of "warp core" logo and so on, (up to me it's the wifi driver restarting but not sure) , closely linked to a wifi hang and ssh link cut.

    i followed what is said here https://community.onion.io/topic/3561/error-cntlenqueueforrecv-blockack-request-frame-length-size-44-incorrect/6

    It did ok until "fsck.fat /dev/mmcblk0p1" that fail because there is no "mmcblk0p1" file.
    But up to now no more "warp core" message nor ssh link loss.
    But i stil have some "ERROR!!! CntlEnqueueForRecv: BlockAck Request frame length size = 44 incorrect" message sometimes.

    i noticed i have this:
    br-wlan: port 1(ra0) entered disabled state

    due to...?

    EDIT> finally i used factory revert and re installed all my stuff. Now it's clean.
    No restart of wifi nor SSH cut since yesterday.

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