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Questions before I buy

  • Hello,

    I have been looking around for a board that I may be able to use for a task I have been given. From the looks of things, the Omega2 or 2+ would be a good option. I do have a couple questions before I buy and I figured asking the community would be better than just search around on a wiki.

    Q1: Is this board tied to a cloud based service like how Particle development boards are? Or an I able to "plug and play", similar to an arduino.

    Q2: Other than OEM expansion boards, are there many 3rd party expansion boards out there that are compatible with the form factor of the board.

    If anyone has answers/ insight, it would be awesome.

  • The board is not tied to any cloud platform, it runs OpenWRT so it's basically linux.

    There is an arduino expansion available and support for SPI so that opens up a whole range of possibilities

  • @Christopher-Pyzik
    Unlike some very popular boards (eg RPi) I don't think there are many (if any? - others can shout at me if I'm wrong šŸ˜‰ 3rd party commercial 'hats'/expansion boards. Some contributors have built their own expansions for their own needs (browse through the Projects forum to see what others are doing), but as for commercial boards specifically targeted at the Onion devices, I believe that the Onion store will be your likely source.

    Having said that, the point of the devices (IMHO) are to spark your own ingenuity and get you to explore and build your own projects and if that means taking it to the board level, then that is what you should do, as have others. I see the commercial expansions from Onion as tools for prototyping and in some cases, all that is necessary to realise your own project. But the flexibility is there for you to do with them as you choose - or not even use them at all and instead design your own.

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