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Omega2 AP customization: disabling NAT and DHCP?

  • Hello,

    I tried using my Omega2 as a router (I have an ethernet expansion and connected a patch cable to my LAN, serving an AP in a far-away part of the house) and it's actually working very well, except for one thing: is there a way to disable natting and DHCP in the omega2 and actually use my router settings?

    Specifically, I want to be able to access devices connecting through my Omega2 AP using my LAN addresses range (192.168.1.x) instead of the default natted 192.168.3.x range.

    My definitive goal is to have the same SSID and PASSWORD in all routers Access Points so it looks like single big wifi network instead of separate AC (manually switching when you move around the house is a no-no).

  • I guess this is no easy task with the omega2, perhaps impossible?

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