[GUIDE] Install OpenWrt 18.06 on Onion Omega2 Pro

  • I got the Onion Omega2 Pro last month. I like it because:

    • The CPU is MIPS architecture, allowing me to gain some experience with this unfamiliar architecture.
    • It has 8GB eMMC storage, giving me plenty of space to install packages.
    • It has LiPo battery port, USB host port, and pin headers with SPI and I2C, leaving possibility of building battery-powered IoT projects.

    However, I'm unhappy with OnionOS. Apart from GUI differences, it uses a custom WiFi driver wifi-warp-core that has several flaws. Most notably, my WiFi SSID is + (a plus sign), and the Onion would not connect to it. I want to replace OnionOS with a standard OpenWrt installation!

    I figured out how to do that, and wrote up a guide in case others have the same need:

    The outcome would be an Omega2 Pro with normal OpenWrt 18.06 WiFi driver complete with Luci user interface, installed to the 8GB eMMC storage.

  • Useful article. Thanks for posting.

  • Just because I am curious what are the difference with the OnionOS firmware?
    Because they are not replying since a while on the forum so I am wondering if it is the case to use another "distro" that has support and works.

  • I am not an expert but as far as I can see it's basically OpenWrt with some additional Onion packages installed and of course the wi-fi driver. The additional packages generally are to support Onion specific hardware and wed pages for initial setup and Onion apps for the web interface.

    For me it is a smart choice. They use a standard OpenWrt build and just add a few things to add the additional functionality required to support their device and peripherals, it's not a complete fork of OpenWrt for some kind of vanity project.

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