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Omega SSID does not match box

  • We just opened a box of 50 onion omegas (omega2) and the wifi SSID shows up as "Omega-0001" instead of the usual "Omega-XXXX" where the XXXX is the last four characters on the label.
    I am aware that they do this for a few seconds on the first boot or factory reset, but I checked and the 0001 even shows in the terminal/console!
    Normally this wouldn't be a problem but we are using these in a workshop with middle and high schoolers, so it is a HUGE problem if every one has the same SSID, because for one, nobody will know which one is theirs and two, neither will their computers.
    I found this out after having to manually update the firmware of another 50 omegas so this is disappointing to do. Not sure if it is a bug, but I know updating the firmware will not work.

  • The hostname and SSID are setup by a script when the firmware is installed so I would try a factory reset.

    Try typing the command: cat /sys/class/net/ra0/address
    This should show you the mac address of the device.

    If the the above command returns a valid MAC address you could run this script manually to fix the settings.


    . /lib/ramips.sh

    m1=$(cat /sys/class/net/ra0/address | awk -F':' '{ print $5 }' | awk '{print toupper($0)}')
    m2=$(cat /sys/class/net/ra0/address | awk -F':' '{ print $6 }' | awk '{print toupper($0)}')

    uci -q batch <<-EOF > /dev/null
    set system.@system[0].hostname=Omega-$m1$m2
    set system.@led[0].sysfs="$board:amber:system"
    set system.@led[0].trigger='default-on'
    commit system
    set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ssid='Omega-$m1$m2'
    set wireless.sta.led='${board}:blue:wifi'
    commit wireless

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