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Building From Source - Make Specific Build

  • Hi Onion Community,

    Im a little confused around building from source for a specific build. I am aware that onion has been releasing official builds available firstly @
    and then later @

    Considering the Omega Onion 2 +, The latest firmware refers to version 0.3.2 build 222. Each version is seen to have multiple builds.

    However how do I build from source for version 0.3.2 build 220 or version 0.2.2 build 200 for example. Is this possible? I noticed that the only tags in git is "0.2.0" "0.2.1" "0.2.2" but if I checkout on tag they do not seem to allow one to specify the build.


  • @UFD
    This post of mine might help.
    Alternatively, you'd have to review the git changelog, reviewing where the versions change and tag that commit. Which is basically what I did.

  • Yes, your post is quite helpfull. I find it strange that Onion dont tag it accordingly, but hey guess they have to leave some work for us.


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