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  • The documentation points to header files for i2c, pwm, etc, but there's no opkg package that provides them. I'm looking for the package that has the include files such as onion-i2c.h, pwm-exp.h, etc. Where are those? If they're git packages, shouldn't that be in the documentation (e.g. how to get)? I haven't found such information.


  • @Matt-Gessner-0 you can find all of this on Onion github


    The i2c and pwm stuff is in


  • @crispyoz thank you for your reply.

    I realize those are places to find those things, but those are source projects. The Onion documentation doesn't really make it clear that a user is supposed to grab those from git, and then put the files in their correct locations.

    I was more wondering why they're not part of the distribution as a package to be installed with opkg and also why it's not clear where to get that information. It doesn't make sense to me that the .so files are in the distribution but the header files that reference them aren't in a package.

  • @Matt-Gessner-0 You would only need the header files if you were developing a C/C++ application. You cannot do that on an Omega, you need to use cross compilation. You can include those packages by selecting them in make menuconfig, under Onion, Libraries

  • @crispyoz since gcc is available, and it works, why can't you build it on the Omega?

  • @Matt-Gessner-0 while it is technically possible to do some development on the omega, it is quite impractical. You will quickly run out of capacity and patience and you'll end up using a more suitable build environment. Save youself the time and heartache. Take a look at the cross compiling docs it is easy to set up a build environment and use the better resources of a proper development platform

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