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Reset Button on Omega2 Pro?

  • There is a programmable button on the Omega2 Pro PCB.

    Does this work as a reset button as well? There is Onion documentation for other expansion boards that identify a button in a similar location.

    I have two Pro's that will no longer boot up successfully and am looking for a recovery mechanism.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Well, I tried to use the button as a reset button and a reboot did seem to occur.

    But I do not get to a stable boot state. The yellow LED flashes for a bit, the blue LED comes on briefly and then the multi-color LED flashes a lot and then the reboot seems to happen all over again.

    Seems like this board may be bricked.

    Any hints for recovery?

  • To answer my own question, the button on the Pro Dock does work as a reset button.

    I then followed the instructions here:


    to use a serial connection to the malfunctioning Omega Pro to flash new firmware from a USB drive.

    That worked to resurrect the Pro back to a workable state.

  • @James-Solderitsch the reset button on the pro works the same as the reset on the dock. Hold down the reset while switching on, make sure you have the usb cable connected so you can connect to the serial console.

    If you are recovering from a USB stick, make sure you have correctly named the firmware file or it won't be found. If all else fails the web recovery option seems to be the best as a last resort, but you will need an ethernet expansion.

    I trashed 8 Omega2 pro in a row while building some custom firmware, if you follow these points you can fix them.

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