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Common Lisp as supported language?

  • While I am glad that Rust was added as a supported language to run on the Omega, have you considered including Common Lisp as well? There is even a variant called ulisp, which is a subset of Common Lisp and, considering it even runs on Arduino zero, it should run pretty much anywhere. As you can also see in ULisp's page, there is an added value of adding it as a supported language.

    Another candidate variant would be Embeddable Common Lisp, a full-fledged Common Lisp variant which compiles to C.

    Thanks a lot! RS.-

  • @Aquiles-Castro Have you looked at PicoLisp? Last I looked it did not have a compiler so it's purely interpreted but I'm not sure what you need. I don't use Lisp but my colleague thinks it's pretty useful.

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