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Onion Omega2S - PCB design questions

  • Hi,

    I am designing a device that needs to have several additional components connected to Omega2S. The device doesn't need to have any kind of reset button. Looking to the schematics and the documentation, I find two things unclear:

    1. how to connect HW_RST_N and SW_RST. If SW_RST is "Active high" the it should be connected to GND while HW_RST_N is "Active low" so it should be connected to 3.3V? If yes, shall there be used some resistors like...10kOhm? Or to simplify, can the reset pins be left floating?
    2. I require to use two UART ports. As the device has 3 UART ports, that's possible. What's unclear to me is UART_TXD1 as System boot pin. Can I use n-mosfet: gate connected to Onion GPIO, source connected to UART_TX1 and drain to other device RX? Once Onion starts, set GPIO high and "activate" communication. Well, that's all under assumption that in startup process Onion GPIOs are low state.


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