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/etc/init.d/ script not running on boot.

  • Hi,
    I tried creating a simple init.d script to load a node.js app on boot, but it doesn't seem to run until I SSH into the omega. I've registered the script to auto run with /etc/init.d/relay-app enable; and have tested that it works with /etc/init.d/relay-app start;

    Any ideas?

    #!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
    # Example script
    # Copyright (C) 2007 OpenWrt.org
    start() {
            echo start
            /usr/bin/node /root/relay-app/app.js &
    stop() {
            echo stop

  • i think restart is mandatory, try adding:

    at the end of the file, chmod it you didn't already, enable and reboot

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