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Omega2 Dash (Work in Progress)

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    The Omega2 Dash is a touch screen device based on the Omega2 platform.
    This topic is for Omega2 Dash beta testers to track progress and share ideas.

    Get Started

    Follow instructions on the following GitHub repo to get started on using the Omega2 Dash

    Bug report & Feature suggestions

    Use the GitHub Issues page to report bugs or suggest features

    Become Beta Tester

    If you would like to participate in beta testing this project you can apply here


    Dec 6 2019 - Official Firmware Available

    Official firmware for the Omega2 Dash is now available!

    If you have a beta unit, follow these instructions to upgrade to the official firmware:

    • Make sure your Omega2 Dash is connected to the internet
    • Back up any files that you don't want to lose! The upgrade will erase everything on the filesystem
    • Run the following commands:
    cd /tmp
    wget http://repo.onioniot.com/omega2/images/omega2dash-v0.3.2-b233.bin
    sysupgrade -F -n -v omega2dash-v0.3.2-b233.bin

    Dec 6 2019

    We've put together an program that can serve as the starting for Omega2 Dash programs using the LittleV Graphics Library.


    Out of the box it supports:

    • The Linux Framebuffer - will draw to the Omega2 Dash display
    • The XPT7603 touch input device on the Omega2 Dash
    • A makefile and instructions to build it as an OpenWRT package
    • A small demo

    Use this to get started with your own lvgl programs!

    Dec 5 2019

    Displaying image files on the Omega2 Dash. Learn more here

    onion logo

    Nov 6 2019

    Compiled demo of LittleV Graphics Library with touch input. See how to run it on your Omega2 Dash [here]

    alt text

    Nov 4 2019

    Running the Omega's terminal on the display:

    terminal demo gif

    Run sh > /dev/tty0 on your Omega2 Dash. Everything you type from then on will show up on the display and not in your terminal window.
    Hit ctrl+c to exit.

  • I am waiting for my first two Omega Dash devices.

    I have been looking at LVGL emulators.

    Can you suggest one that you have been using? I use Linux systems exclusively.

    Thank you,

  • @David-Kerr I'm using the Eclipse with SDL. It works well, other than Eclipse's usual quirks. Here's nice youtube of how to set it up.


    When I upgraded to from Ubuntu 18.04 to 19 it broke and I haven't had time to look into why yet but I suspect it is some versioning issue.

  • Thanks for that.
    I like the look of Eclipse.
    Will see how I go. I installed it on 18.04 and have their example working.
    Best Regards,

  • Hi Crispyoz,

    I upgraded to 19.10, upgraded Eclipse to 2020-03, upgraded the eclipse-workspace and all is working well.

    Thanks again for the recommendation.

    Best Regds,

  • @David-Kerr That's great news. I'm going to upgrade my system to Ubuntu 20, let's see if that breaks the emulator.

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