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SPI nand flash W25N01GV

  • Hi,

    I've connected SPI nand flash chip to CS1, MISO, MOSI, SCK. Using a simple C-program to sending 0x9f (GetID) command to /dev/spidev0.1, I am able to read id of the chip as 00 ef aa 21 00 00 so it is definitely there and responding. What I am struggling with is how to get mtd module to "see" that chip? In downloaded cross-compiling archive there is a folder
    but when running make menuconfig, there is no option to enable mtd. Why and how to still be able to compile all in linux-4.14.81drivers/mtd for onion?
    My idea is to compile mtd and jedec_probe (eventually add W25N01GV to jedec_probe if it doesn't get recognized) as modules that can be loaded using modprobe then create "partition" on chip (there is no option to compile mtd-utils in make menuconfig either?) then mount it. Is all that possible?

  • @morfeus mtd options are available by running make kernel_menuconfig

  • That helped. Thanks!
    Looking at detailed implementation of mtd, I see that it'll be a hard task to make W25N01GV work:( The official linux kernel support for that NAND started with version 5.0.... So it looks like I'll end up writing a C-code to handle the chip only from my application.

  • @crispyoz is there any firmware to auto-detect of SPI external flash memory which has to connect chip-set -1

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy Not that I know of, but I am no authority so maybe some of the engineers have expertise to share.

  • @morfeus i have connected external spi flash memory to onion omega which is connected to chip 1. Do u have firmware to detect chip set 1.

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