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  • Will Omega2S support DHCP Server, NAT/PAT, VRRP, Dynamic DNS client, DNS proxy, VLAN, QoS, DMVPN, NTP Client/ Server, IGMP, BGP, OSPF, RIP, SMTP, SMTPS, SNMP v1/ v2c/ v3, Backup Routers, PPP, PPPoE, SSL, Port Forwarding, Host Port Routing, Ethernet Bridging

  • @Ajit-Parundekar OMega runs OpenWrt 18.06 please refer to the docs at openwrt.org but here is my quick answer:

    DHCPD Server: yes. NAT: yes. Dynamic DNS: Yes. NTP Client and server: yes. Ethernet bridging: yes. PPP: yes, PPoE: yes. Port forwarding: yes

    you can look up the rest yourself.

  • @crispyoz Thanks. Will it also support Security: HTTPS, SSH, VPN tunnels, SFTP, DMZ, Firewall (IP Filtering, MAC address fltering, Inbound and outbound Port ltering and Open VPN Client: IPSec or Digicluster compatible VPN Tunnel ? Since we make only hardware I have not gone through Openwrt documentation but need to confirm this to our customer. A quick response would help.

  • @Ajit-Parundekar everything you need to know is on openwrt.org take a look at the package list. HTTPS yes, SSH yes, SFTP yes, DMZ isn't really a thing it's a configuration, so yes. Firewall yes, vpn yes, ipsec yes.

    Take a look at my profile.

  • Thank you for the information. I will go through OpenWRT documentation as advised. Could you let me know after all the features installed how much memory will be consumed by openwrt and how much will be left for the user application?

  • @Ajit-Parundekar That is something you will need to work out for yourself, the configuration of the firewall alone can vary the impact on resource utilisation. I would suggest you purchase an Omega2+ with power dock on build a POC device. Once you have perfected your build then moe to the Omega2S+. The Omega2+ has an SD Card slot so you can experiment with expanding resources, later you can build your own custom PCB using the Omega2S+ and add an SDCard slot or eMMC if required. I use a 64GB SDCard with my custom PCBs since my app needs to meet some Aussie data retention regulations.

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