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OMEGA2+ Cant Find some GPIOs

  • Hi, communiti members and support,
    I found a that in shcematic of omega2+ exist some GPIOs what really not exist in real board.
    I thought that maybe this is just mistake but when I found /deb/ttyS2 (GPIO20,GPIO21) I realized this pins should be in another place.
    Then I found on the back side of omega2(+) one didn't solpered smd 50pin connector. As I undestand it was made mainly for developers needs. But, I'm prety sure that this connector has all pins what shown on the shematic placed on github.
    Does anybody can provide me a pins description, or I need to do my own researcesh. Just it's uncomfortable to do research while omega2 is placed bottom-up, also it got alot of connected wireles to make it run.

  • @Sergii-Kirichok if you refer to the documentation you will notice that the Omega2/2+ do not expose all GPIOs. The Omega2/2S expose these pins.

  • @Sergii-Kirichok What schematic are you talking about please?

    You wrote:

    I thought that maybe this is just mistake but when I found /deb/ttyS2 (GPIO20,GPIO21) I realized this pins should be in another place.

    I wonder where did you find / which are the UART2 (/dev/ttyS2) pins on Omega2(+)?

    Omega2 Serial Ports

    Omega2 Datasheet
    UART0 (/dev/ttyS0) pin27 GPIO_12/TXD0 and pin28 GPIO_13/RXD0 (right hand side pin6, pin5 from top to down)
    UART1 (/dev/ttyS1) pin9 GPIO_45/TXD1 and pin8 GPIO_46/RXD1 (left hand side pin9, pin8 from top to down)
    UART2 (/dev/ttyS2) is not exposed (?!) according to the Onion team (but this is not fully true;)

    Omega2S Datasheet
    UART0 (/dev/ttyS0) pin39 GPIO_12/TXD0 and pin40 GPIO_13/RXD0
    UART1 (/dev/ttyS1) pin20 GPIO_45/TXD1 and pin21 GPIO_46/RXD1
    UART2 (/dev/ttyS2) pin51 GPIO_20/TXD2 and pin52 GPIO_21/RXD2

    Unfortunately there isn't official description about the bottom side pads (connector) of Omega2(+).
    Pinout bottom pads is an unofficial one made by @J-Tech.

    And yes, you need to do your own additional research to specify each bottom pad.

  • @György-Farkas Thank you so much. You really save alot of my time. I found UART2 on this pins and some other GPIOs.
    If you don't mind, I will share updated file, then @J-Tech can update it in his version. I din't check rest of pins. I found what I need and now I can use uart2 and for example second ethernet port :).

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