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Failing to cross-compile redis on linux

  • So I'm able to cross-compile a hello world app and run it on the Omega. Sweet! Now for the real test - compile redis. I followed the suggestion of using the XCompile.sh template, but there are still things I need to learn. Fairly early in the compile, I get this error:

    zmalloc.h:50:10: fatal error: jemalloc/jemalloc.h: No such file or directory

    I wish I knew enough to provide additional information, but cross-compiling big apps like redis is a real slog. Hoping there's someone with this kind of experience that can help.

  • @indianajones the error is insufficient to pinpoint the exact cause of the error but it suggests that you have not set up your include path correctly. Where is the directory "jemalloc" and is it included is you include search path.

    I don't know redis but if it is a large app it likely has a makefile and you would be best to use this method to compile the app. All xCompile.sh does is set up the toolchain environment so you can use it as an example to setup the toolchain to make any required changes to any makefile redis relies upon.

  • @crispyoz I know it's insufficient, I was hoping against hope that someone had experience with cross-compiling redis. I know the C language from way back, but I'm pretty sure I'm just stuck on how to use the redis build tools correctly.

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