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Creating one's own small-size dock

  • Hi,

    The standard ExpansionDock is too large to fit in the box I have for my project, and I need almost all GPIOs. I don't need the 2 USB ports.

    And I guess I can't use the mini-Dock as it provides no access to the GPIOs. (unless there is some tip to access the GPIO from it that I would not have thought of?)

    So I would like to build my own Dock, to plug the power supply and the GPIO pins. Could someone please confirm that this can be done only with pure PCB wiring, without adding any additional chips (such as voltage converters, or condensators, resistors, ...)? (There are some on the standard dock, so I have a doubt)

    And also, is there somewhere a schema listing all the pins of the Onion, so that I can design my PCB?

    Thanks in advance!

  • +1
    Have same question, current setup (docks + sensors) doesn't give you any advantages of small size as you need to use dock =(
    I would like to know how I can provide at least external power source to Omega without using dock.

  • Hi @Frederic-Baumann, you don't need any additional chips for the dock if you can supply the Omega with 3.3V directly. The chip on the mini dock you see is USB-to-Serial chip, and the power converter that converts 5V to 3.3V for the Omega.

    Here's the pin listings:

    Omega Pins

    @Vitalii-Topoliuk, to provide power to the Omega directly, you simply need to connect the ground and 3.3V to the Omega.

  • Many thanks Boken, pretty helpful!

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