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Booting issue

  • Re: Omega2+ boot problem

    We are your costumer from Anacle systems. We are a bit worried about support on ongoing critical issue of non booting devices aka OS corruption we are using OM-O2P module.
    We were getting support from lazar but he is no longer supporting us as he got some other project. We did further investigation and analysis on the issue.
    Please find attached detailed report and boot logs.
    As of now, we have built 50 units with final product as pilot, field trial and testing units. Out of 50, 7 units have exhibited this issue and it is a serious issue.
    We appreciate your support on this.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    [5_1591015362844_Boot log 98E6.txt](Uploading 100%) [0_1591015404726_OS Corruption Report V2 010620.docx](Uploading 100%) [4_1591015362844_Boot log ABD3.txt](Uploading 100%) [3_1591015362844_Boot log ADE3_Totally dead.txt](Uploading 100%) [2_1591015362844_Boot log 907F.txt](Uploading 100%) [1_1591015362844_Boot Log 9439.txt](Uploading 100%) [0_1591015362844_Boot log 938B.txt](Uploading 100%)

  • @Anupam This is a community support forum so we won't have access to any of the details you have previously provided. If you post whatever information you have, members of the community may be able to assist,

  • Dear sir,
    We are facing booting issue ( The issue symptoms are the amber led on wifi module keeps blinking continuously and also can not see the Wi-Fi name on the phone. After taking the debug log we found that the boot log stops at procd: - init -
    I am attaching the screenshot of one of the log. Booting issue log.PNG
    Also I am sharing a link on for the complete report and observation we have done till date.
    Best regard,

  • @Anupam looking at your logs it appears the device is not loading kernel modules from /etc/modules.d which means that a lot stuff is not going to work. I note the Bad CRC is also reported.

    I'm not sure what firmware version you are using but I would take one of these devices a reflash it with the latest firmware release.

    My second thought is that your underlying issue may be insufficient power or flakey power supply. The required amperage fluctuated during boot but you need 2A when booting.

  • @crispyoz said in Booting issue:

    I note the Bad CRC is also reported.

    I think that U-boot message is not related to OP's Omega2+ boot issues.
    According to U-boot guy(s):

    U-boot bad CRC warning.png

  • @crispyoz
    we are currently using F/W version 0.3.2 b232 .
    Also the capacity of our power supply is 3.2A. we have done a complete testing on the power supply which we have mentioned in the word report sent to you in this link. Please refer the document.

  • @Anupam I read your word doc. Lazar is the authority on these devices, I can only go by my own experience with a very large number of these devices.

    I would first reflash the two of your faulty devices with the latest firmware and confirm you have a 2 functioning devices. Place one in your custom board and run the other off a dock. If the device on your board fails again and the one on your dock does not it points to you board.

    In my own case I have 3 devices corrupted, 2 were flakey power supplies. The third device I am unsure but I suspect it was ESD. In each case I reflashed the device, removed the cause and they are all out in the field now running 24/7 in pretty intense environments.

  • We are currently doing this testing as you mention:
    We have about 10 Wi-Fi module mounted on our device and 5 Wi-Fi modules we have powered with external dc supply. And we are continuously checking it from last 8 days and power cycling it over this period of 8 days. But till now no booting issue occurred in either case.
    Mean while can you please share your shipping address so that we can ship the faulty module for further investigation.


  • @Anupam this is a community support forum, members share their own experience with other community members. We are not employees of Onion.

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