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Running Asterisk on Omega 2S+

  • Hi,
    I am trying to run Asterisk on omega 2S+.
    I downloaded the telephony package from open wrt by editing the distfeeds.conf file.
    I am able to download and then i tried installing Asterisk13.
    I am able to install and run the Asterisk on omega.
    I was even able to connect to the CLI of asterisk running on omega.
    I used the command asterisk -r for connecting & it's connected successfully.

    Now I want to connect a sip softphone locally.
    I am stuck here. Can anyone guide me how to do this.

    I modified the users.conf and extensions.conf file and added the sip users.
    But still i am unable to register my sip softphones.
    One more thing I observed is pjsip.conf file is missing in etc/asterisk.
    (do i need to create one by myself? Or is there any flags that I need to set before,I am installing the asterisk?)
    I am not sure if I have missed any configuration settings.

    Hardware/Software used:
    Onion Omega 2S+
    Firmware Version: 0.3.2 b233
    openwrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT
    asterisk 13.20.0

    Can anyone give me any pointers on this issue??
    Any assistance on this would be much appreciated.

  • Any pointers on this??

  • @Rohit-P There are some topics on the OpenWrt forum that cover this, here is a step by step


  • @crispyoz Thank You.! Will Look into this

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