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Wireless features failing after upgrade from factory reset.

  • Thanks to help from a user, I was able to successfully update my Omega2+ to the most recent version, and it launches when plugged into the computer. However, I am having trouble with almost anything that requires a connection to work.

    Firstly, when I open network options to connect (Windows 10, btw), it doesn't show up after letting it boot for a minute or two. It works when I launch the command line via PuTTY, but when I opted to 'opkg update', it wasn't able to connect to download packages. I assumed I just needed to have a proper connection to Wifi, but when I went through to have it search for access points (which my own computer was in range of, like home router), it did not pick up on anything, including the mobile hotspot I set up. I couldn't even make it work after manually typing in the Wifi information.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

  • @Scruffy In my experience wifi is the most power hungry activity an Omega performs. Check your power supply.

    If you run wifisetup command, does it find your access points?

    Check your /etc/config/wireless and try commenting out option country 'US' and try specifying a specific wifi channel by changing option channel 'auto' to a suitable 2.4g channel.

  • @crispyoz For the meantime, I've ended up purchasing a new Omega chip. This one was just throwing too many problems at me, I likely because of complications when manually updating, I fear.

  • @Scruffy It's very unlikely to be an issue with your updating. I've bricked a few dozen Omega2+ and pro while building custom firmware, I have been able to recover every one of them. It is possible you have a faulty one but I suspect it is most likely a power issue.

  • @crispyoz @Scruffy I'll second that as many, many people have been bitten by the current surge required as the WiFi modem comes on line. Capacitance across and near the power/gnd is a good thing and long wires add series inductance which is a bad thing.

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