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How to get help on delivery?

  • I ordered and paid for 3xOmega2+ on August 23. They were sent by the Onion Store via UPS but have not arrived. The tracking indicates they are still sitting in the US waiting for an aeroplane to come to Australia.

    Unfortunately, UPS will not respond to a query from me (the receiver). They say that only the sender (Onion Store) can make an enquiry.

    I cannot find a link or email address to contact the store to ask them to follow up with UPS.

    Can anyone help with information about contacting Onion?


  • @David-Kerr UPS is maddening getting stuff into Oz right now. I have stuff stuck in US also, from Digikey. Also stuff stuck coming out of China.

    Here is their hjelp desk link


  • Thanks for that. I'll give it a go.

    Actually, I've been having relatively good shipment times with UPS from Mouser (HKG), Digi-Key (US and HKG), DHL from Microchip (Thailand) and Mainland China. Regular Post from China seems to get held up in the Australian Post Office with typically 2wks to make Australia then a month in Aus Post but shipments are still getting to me.

    I think my problem is that UPS with my Onion shipment then gave it to the US Postal service.


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    love it thank for the valuable information…

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