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Onion 365 days

  • Hi Sir,
    Can i run Onion omega2S board continuously without having any power interruption as 365 days?.

    **Note:**In the Onion Board my firmware is running.

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy The general answer is yes. But of course it depends on what you have running on the device an how reliable that is.

    I personally have one device that has been running since December 13 2019 without being restarted so It's getting close to a year since being restarted. I have another that I think is maybe a bit longer but it's offline and I can't get to it due to covid.

  • @crispyoz Thanks sir,
    for your valuable information

  • @crispyoz Hi Sir,
    I am facing few problems, When i am running while loop python programs in boot mode(it means when the power comes automatically program should execute)after my reboot command is not executing.
    For that i have added in /etc/rc.local file
    start-stop-deamon -b -S -x python /root/hello.py
    after added this command i am able to executing Reboot command also. So this is the only way we have to do or any other options are there?.

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy I seem to recall you posted about this issue some time ago and my suggestion was to use procd instead of rc.local it's analogous to using linux services.

    procd scripts are easy to setup and well documented, take a look in /etc/init.d and choose any script for an example of how to set it up. rpcd is a nice simple one.

    Once you have created your procd script run these commands:

    service <name of your procd> enable
    service <name of your procd> start

    You should see your service in the ps list, then try restarting the device and check your service starts ok.

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