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Onion Tau Camera now Available!

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    The Onion Tau LiDAR Camera, the first in a new product line, is now available for pre-order on Crowd Supply!

    The Tau Camera is a 3D depth camera. Think of it like a regular webcam, except that it produces 3D depth data instead of color frames. It's an affordable next step beyond single-point depth or one-dimensional scanner solutions, and serves as a great starting point for 3D depth sensing.

    It will be bundled with an open-source web app for visualizing the 3D data, as well as an OpenCV-compatible and open-source Python API for building your own applications.

    We've made this new Community Category as a place to talk about anything related to the Tau Camera. Welcome and enjoy!

    Learn more and pre-order on Crowd Supply

    Pre-orders will ship in spring 2021!

  • Team Onion

    šŸŽŠ šŸŽŠ Great ļ¼

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