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onion omega struct

  • I am running onion omega2s bord using 3.5V power supply and without power interrupt purpose i have connected 3.7V battery 2200 mah current. I used in between a Diode. Diode passing voltage as 3.5V. When i run firmware inside onion it has run a few days, after few days suddenly my onion omega has struct but voltage it's there in onion omega. So what could be the problem?.
    is there any way to check hardware issue? or software issue?

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy There could be many causes, it is time to start digging. The first thing I do is open a terminal to the Omega and run top, then when system freezes I will have a snapshort of the system performance at the time the device stop. This is useful to determine if the cause is memory, cpu. swap etc. Also if your terminal software has a traceback log you can review the history.

    I think this is an easy way to determine if the issue is software or hardware. Maybe also post your circuit design so others can comment on that, I'm a software engineers to I can't give advice on circuit.

  • @crispyoz sir
    I reproduced the OS hanging issue. After I pressed power RESET button, then the board should restart but the board is not restarted then obviously Hardware issue right?.
    Note: When the board is in hang mode i have checked onion voltage. It's showing 3.3v. It means the voltage was there.
    Note: RESET button it's working fine when the board in a normal state. but this is not working when the board is in Hang mode. Even i checked button HIGH & LOW condition. When i pressed button LOW it's happening.
    Note: Board is working fine when I reconnected the power supply.

    Crispyoz sir now can you say what could be the issue?. It's a hardware issue or software issue.

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy Can you share your schematic for the reset button? OOTB Omega2 reset button is software function check /etc/rc.button/reset

  • @crispyoz
    sir i uploaded onion schematic. I cont able to upload the full image because of it's in PDF format. I think PDF files can't able to upload in here.

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