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App installation with App Manager doesn't work / Apps don't show up on the Home Screen

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to install some apps with the app manager, but they don't appear on the home screen. My internet connection should work (I'm behind an proxy server, but opkg update is working).

    I'm using an Omega2 Pro with Omega firmware: v0.3.2 b246 and onion-os: 1.0.6-1.

    After clicking "install" within the app manager, it seem like some kind of installation process is running. After that, the button changes to "remove" and the app shows up in the "installed" section. But the app doesn't show up on the home screen. Some times the installation process takes some time (5-10 minutes), some times ist only takes a few seconds.

    Is there any posibillity to install the app with the terminal? Are there any solutions? I really need to get this thing working.


  • @Vicky are the apps available in the legacy console?

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