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Special characters in WiFi SSID

  • Hi,

    Seems that Omega2 doesn't connect to WiFi router with the SSID like 'ã' or 'ê'

    Do you know, if there is some workaround to make it work or Onion is working on the fix?

  • @Denis-Ber I recall this issue has previously been reported, you can always switch to using the standard MediaTek MT7688 wifi driver instead.

  • Oww, this is a great news!

    How can I do this?
    Do I need install the new driver or this driver is already at the current image?

  • @Denis-Ber You need to install a new driver, the OOTB driver on Omega2 is Warp Core developed by Onion to fix some issues in the MT76xx wifi driver.

    I used the build system to package the MT driver with my firmware, you'll then need to refer to the documentation from OpenWrt for wifi configuration as the Onion scripts to configure your wifi are designed to work with warp core.

  • Ok,
    I was thinking that a simple "download and install" ipk package from repository solves my issue.

    I tried to search at Onion Community, nothing. Do you remember if there is a related topic on community?

  • @Denis-Ber Just check OpenWrt.org for the package I just haven't done it this way but you should be able to find the package there.

  • I got a LEDE version that works with special chars.
    My question now is, How do I put special chars inside the UCI file?

    Do you have some example?

  • @Denis-Ber The easy way to understand how to use UCI is try this:

    uci show wireless

    Look at the result and you should see the wifi password something like this:


    Then use the command:

    uci set wireless.sta.key='your new key'
    uci commit wireless
    service network restart

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