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Tau Camera Resources & Useful Links

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    How to Buy

    Getting Started

    Helpful Links for Everyday Use

    • Example Programs in Python that use the Tau Camera
      • We've written some example Python programs that use OpenCV to render the depth data coming from the Tau Camera.
    • 3D-Printed Mount Design
      • The design for a 3D-printed mount for the Tau Camera is available on Thingiverse. With the mount, you can attach your Tau Camera to a regular tripod!
    • Multi-Camera Demo
      • There's an example Python program that uses the TauLidarCamera Python API and OpenCV to render depth data from all connected Tau Cameras in real-time
      • Also includes the design and instructions for a 3D-printed 360Ėš 4-Camera Mount

    GitHub Repos

    Both the Tau Studio web app and the API are open source and available on GitHub:

    Where to Get More Info

    Where to Get in Touch

    • Onion Community Forum
      • Check out the Onion Community Forum to chat with the Onion team and other Tau Camera users!
    • Twitter
      • Quickly get in touch with the Onion team
    • GitHub
      • We welcome all bug reports, feedback, suggestions, and comments! Feel free to open issues or PRs on all Tau Camera repos!

    Tau Camera in the Media

    We'll update this list as we add more content! Let us know if there's something specific you would like to see!

  • Dear Technical Team,
    We are having a few questions regarding Onion Tau LIDAR Camera.

    1. Is the device capable of producing 3D point cloud and depth map for a particular object (say human face) ?

    provided that the face is aligned with camera and is at a distance ( say 50cms) from the camera

    1. Our applications include face detection and recognition. We are interested with 3D point cloud and depth map retrieval of particular human face ( covered with hard cover material). In that aspect is your onion Tau lidar camera is capable of producing the 3D point cloud and Depth Map
      Pls let me know regarding
      with regards
      Dr K V Sriharsha
      AI/CV Engineer
      Matdun Labs India Pvt Ltd

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    @sriharsha-phd Take a look at the 3D Topics in the FAQ Post for more details.

    If you have a specific question, feel free to make a new post!

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