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Omega only work over Wifi network ?

  • Hello

    I setup my Omega to connect direcly with my personal (home) wifi network.
    In this environement I show my Omega wifi-network aviable on my computer and can connect to it šŸ™‚
    But, without this wifi (home) aviable, I dont show the Omega (in my wifi list) šŸ˜ž
    So, the omega is wifi (home setup) dependent ?
    I cant use it in an other environement (without using the wifi-setup to re-configure it) ?

    Can you help me ?

  • Nope, it is not dependent on wifi, you can also connect via the serial terminal, check the guide: https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Connecting-to-Omega-via-Serial-Terminal

  • Great !
    Yes I can use serial and it's great to fix it :
    with a new wifisetup // every time I am on a new location // neer to a new wifi connexion...
    But, if the Omega is not connected to Internet (local wifi) the omega is not accessible ?
    It seem strange for me, it's an OpenWrt systeme...
    so, if I want to make an automatic hotspot (local one) I need to install an PirateBox
    (something like this) ?

  • You can configure it as AP (Access Point) so you don't need a extra wifi. It just not will work as a DHCP Server resp. you would have to configure for it. You can even give a extra IP as you like. Standard is

    If you put this in the Browser you will get a Control Panel to configure it for AP.

    Some more helpful links to get along over all the pages (wiki, community, faq, etc ..).

  • Thx, I dont figure out the AP let's me use Omega like a simple DHCP
    So, it is a way to make it over the Serial (with console/terminal) ?
    Wifisetup just allow me to select a wifi connection

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