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Config Settings - How to host a WiFi access point(no internet needed), while the ethernet port is running its own dhcp server?

  • Hi, first time posting here. I am working on a project using the Omega2+, it is currently running a flask server through ethernet, and is working well.

    This flask app connects to a touch display to control a system, and I need a way to wirelessly do firmware updates.

    Since I already have the DHCP on Eth0 setup, I want to run an entirely SEPERATE server/access point over WiFi. I have installed my WiFi drivers, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to accomplish separated (no bridging) WiFi + Ethernet.
    Does anyone have any insight, or even better - some config. code I could see? It'd be an absolute life saver.

  • @julianstogs-iti I'm not entirely clear on what you are trying to achieve. Do you mean you want to run the wifi access point so you can upload firmware updates via wifi, but you don't want the wifi user to be able to access anything through the ethernet network?

  • @crispyoz Yes, sorry if the framing of my question was a bit vague. It had been a long day haha. But yes I don't want someone who connects to the WiFi, to be able to access anything else other than the web portal I will be hosting through WiFi for firmware updates. It'd be nice to set up something so that only an administrator can access beyond the web portal, but thats not as important at the moment. I think I may be getting some traction on this as I have been working on this today, however I still would be very interested to hear your thoughts/method of approach to this problem. Thanks in advance!

  • @julianstogs-iti I would use the firewall rules to achieve what you want. Remove the relevant forward rule and block everything except the required port.

    uci show firewall

    The rules are in /etc/config/firewall

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