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Problem mounting USB storage Omega2+

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to use USB storage, so I plug in de USB device and according to the documentation it should be automatically mounted and located in /mnt/ by default, but I can't see the USB storage there (sda1)

    root@Omega-6E16:~# ls /mnt/

    I couldn't find it in /dev :

    root@Omega-6E16:~# ls /dev/
    autofs              ppp                 tty40
    bus                 ptmx                tty41
    console             pts                 tty42
    cpu_dma_latency     random              tty43
    full                shm                 tty44
    gpiochip0           snd                 tty45
    gpiochip1           spidev0.1           tty46
    gpiochip2           tty                 tty47
    i2c-0               tty0                tty48
    kmem                tty1                tty49
    kmsg                tty10               tty5
    ledchain2           tty11               tty50
    log                 tty12               tty51
    mem                 tty13               tty52
    memory_bandwidth    tty14               tty53
    mtd0                tty15               tty54
    mtd0ro              tty16               tty55
    mtd1                tty17               tty56
    mtd1ro              tty18               tty57
    mtd2                tty19               tty58
    mtd2ro              tty2                tty59
    mtd3                tty20               tty6
    mtd3ro              tty21               tty60
    mtd4                tty22               tty61
    mtd4ro              tty23               tty62
    mtd5                tty24               tty63
    mtd5ro              tty25               tty7
    mtd6                tty26               tty8
    mtd6ro              tty27               tty9
    mtd7                tty28               ttyS0
    mtd7ro              tty29               ttyS1
    mtdblock0           tty3                ttyS2
    mtdblock1           tty30               uinput
    mtdblock2           tty31               urandom
    mtdblock3           tty32               vcs
    mtdblock4           tty33               vcs1
    mtdblock5           tty34               vcsa
    mtdblock6           tty35               vcsa1
    mtdblock7           tty36               watchdog
    network_latency     tty37               watchdog0
    network_throughput  tty38               zero
    null                tty39
    port                tty4

    The mounting configuration seems to be fine:

    root@Omega-6E16:~# vi /etc/config/fstab
    config global
        option anon_swap '0'
        option auto_swap '1'
        option auto_mount '1'
        option delay_root '5'
        option check_fs '0'
        option anon_mount '1'

    Can you help me, please?

  • @Jorgehst The first thing I would do is check if the insertion of the USB key is detected. To do this you can check the logs using the command logread. If the insertion of the device is not detected then it won't be mounted.

    What type of USB device are you using? Have you tried a different USB device? If so what?
    What dock are you using?

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  • @crispyoz Thank you for your prompt reply and your help. At the end it was a problem of the customized PCB, it wasn't well rooted.

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    I'm a newer user to Arch and Linux in general. I've got a pretty robust installation running on my computer with Fluxbox, PCManFM and SLiM for the graphical side (if these matter). Everything's running pretty well at the moment except I'd like to be able to auto-mount USB storage devices. Without adding the udev rule as mentioned here (because I would like the mounting to persist through a terminal window popping open), what's the best way to have things auto-mount like they do in Ubuntu or Windows? By this I mean I would plug in a USB flash drive and it'd automatically be mounted to somewhere like /media/<device name>/ and any user (or the one running x? or something) would have permissions to view/edit/execute.

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