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Omega booting issue.

  • Hi,
    Onion module reference no” Omega2s+
    kernel version no**"4.14.81**"
    Onion firmware version "0.3.3 b247"
    We have a design in which the Onion Omega2p module is controlling an external modem. The software controls the modem via hardware IO (reset and sim select) and AT commands. The IO pins used for the control are GPIO16 and GPIO41.

    The code runs the following sequence

    1.  Detect the presence of the internet.  If no internet, switch SIM using hardware IO control
    2.  Soft reset modem via AT command
    3.  Soft Reset Omega2+ using the **reboot** command. 

    After soft reboot, the Omega2+ goes in hang mode and does not respond including HW rest via CPU_RST pin. The only way to recover is through a power cycle.

    Any suggestion what may be the cause of the problem will help

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy Thank you for providing clear details.

    When you say the Omega2+ hangs, does it hang shutting down or does it hang starting up?

    My guess is that the pins required to be floating or pulled down are not in the correct state, have you checked this when the device hangs? You can find this information in the Hardware Design Guide under the heading of "Pins affecting system boot"

  • @crispyoz
    Thank you for your response.

    The device hangs after executing a soft reset command. We see LED indications going off indicating a reset, but the device never reboots completely; and does not recover even on hardware reset

    We are referring to https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/using-gpios.html#important-special-gpios document to identify the status of pins during boot. Is this the correct document?

    We will check the status of the IO pins and revert with observations.


  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy This is the document I was referring to, so I think it is important to check that when you do a reboot that these pins are actually in the required state.

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