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Updated code for LVGL 8 on Omega2+ Dash?

  • I have a number of Dashes running lvgl code (written in C). They are using LVGL 7.3 and I had successfully upgraded them from lvgl 5.6 and 6.

    I have now updated my code on one of my two projects for lvgl 8 as there are a lot of improvements and new features. Running okay on emulator in Ubuntu.

    However, I cannot get code to run on the Dash itself as I am getting illegal instructions when the display refreshes (ie after 30milliseconds of running). I thought it might be the cross compiler but have updated that and still problems.

    The Onion LVGL example code is now quite old. It works in its own right but is not compatible with lvgl 8.

    Does anyone have lvgl rev 8 code working on the Dash? Are you using the old Onion modified lvgl files- do you have any updated files? In particular I think I need changes to display and XPT7603.

    I thought I would see if anyone had overcome these problems before potentially going down the same path. It seems a pity that the Dash is not supported in the lvgl project.


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