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o2-init-pro fails to initialise file system on eMMC

  • Hi,

    I can't seem to install more than a few packages on the Omega2 Pro. After boot, Onion complained with this:

    Your JFFS2-partition seems full and overlayfs is mounted read-only.
    Please try to remove files from /overlay/upper/... and reboot!

    When I use df -hT , this is what I get below. I also found that /usr/bin/o2-pro-init does not exit as I can still see it running with top . All these began after an upgrade from v0.3.2-b232 to v0.3.3-b251 using the command sysupgrade -n omega2pro-v0.3.3-b251.bin. I had previously downloaded the firmware into the device while it was on v0.3.2-b232 with wget.

    I'm very comfortable with relevant technical materials.

    Thank you.

    Filesystem        Type          Size   Used    Available   Use%    Mounted on
    /dev/root         squashfs      7.8M   7.8M     0          100%    /rom
    tmpfs             tmpfs         60.9M  88.0K    60.8M      0%      /tmp
    /dev/mtdblock6    jffs2         6.6M  380.0K    6.2M       6%      /overlay
    overlayfs:/overlay overlay      6.6M  380.0K    6.2M       6%      /
    tmpfs             tmpfs         512.0K  0       512.0K     0%      /dev
    /dev/mmcblk0p1    ext4          7.1G  426.5M    6.3G       6%  /mnt/mmcblk0p1

  • @TypeSeven Try factory reset, see if you have the same behaviour. Then upgrade to latest firmware and see if you have the same behaviour.

  • @crispyoz Hi there. You should note that v0.3.3-b251 is the latest firmware as of 30th June 2021, which is also what I was upgrading my Omega2 Pro to.

  • @TypeSeven I understand this, I want to determine if Factory reset fixes the issue. Then upgrading breaks it again.

  • @crispyoz Sorry, I don't understand what I'm upgrading to after a factory reset when I'm already running the latest version. I'd previosly done a factory reset yet this problem persisted.

  • @TypeSeven Please post the content of the file /etc/config/fstab

  • @crispyoz
    Strangely, I powered on device today and discovered the issues were gone. This is scary because Onion may go into production and this sort of unpredictable behaviour is most certainly unsettling.

    I have copied the content of /etc/config/fstab . Does anything look out-of-place?

    root@Omega-345A:~# oupgrade -v
    > Device Firmware Version: 0.3.3 b251
    root@Omega-345A:~# df -hT
    Filesystem           Type            Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root            squashfs        7.8M      7.8M         0 100% /rom
    tmpfs                tmpfs          60.9M    108.0K     60.8M   0% /tmp
    /dev/mmcblk0p1       ext4            7.1G    417.0M      6.3G   6% /overlay
    overlayfs:/overlay   overlay         7.1G    417.0M      6.3G   6% /
    tmpfs                tmpfs         512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev
    /dev/mmcblk0p1       ext4            7.1G    417.0M      6.3G   6% /mnt/mmcblk0p1
    /dev/mtdblock6       jffs2           6.6M    420.0K      6.2M   6% /mnt/mtdblock6
    config global
            option anon_swap '0'
            option auto_swap '1'
            option auto_mount '1'
            option delay_root '5'
            option check_fs '0'
            option anon_mount '1'
    config mount
            option target '/mnt/mmcblk0p1'
            uuid '01c33c4d-234e-4961-9a15-3db2b9ab4231'
            option enabled '0'
    config mount
            option target '/mnt/sda1'
            option uuid '02A9-DEF5'
            option enabled '0'

  • @TypeSeven fstab looks good to me. My suspicion is that if you look in your log you may find there was a file system problem that has now been resolved. When you restart it examines the file system and may correct it. If you examine o2-pro-init script it is setting up the file systems so it would seem that one of the commands was failing.

  • @crispyoz

    I'd go through o2-pro-init and see if I can spot possible break points. Then I'd update here. Thanks.

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