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Omega 1 Unable to get beyond wifi setup

  • I found two Onion Omega 1 (from the first kickstarter) and tried to set them up. Could not get beyond the wifi setup (froze there as it said "unable to connect to 'network' please try again", even thouh it showed up on my network. I was unable to (on ssh) to get oupgrade to work (cannot connect to the server). I was on my network then with the Omega 1 clearly on it as well, but it couldnt find the server. Would love some advice as to where to go from here.

  • hi, I am new here but i really want to learn stuffs. Please teach me

  • @Johann-Cunningham All the original documentation can be found here:


    Since the device is quite old not many still use it so I would troubleshoot the device as I would any *nix device. If you follow the Getting Started Guide on how to connect to the console, then take a look at your network setup (ifconfig), do you have a valid IP, netmask? Can you ping your router? If yes to all of these, then can you ping, if yes then your DNS may not be configured, in which case you should check your /etc/resolv.conf for a valid DNS (nameserver) entry.

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