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Initial project considerations and driving a specific display.

  • I'm about to begin working on a project that is a bit physically constrained. The goal is to build a cellular-capable iPod, so fitting within that footprint and driving a display that fits are essential. Originally I was planning on using a Pi Zero with the SixFab LTE hat, but it's beginning to seem a bit bulky and I'm not having much success with figuring out how to drive this display for that either. The Omega2 LTE seems great for footprint, LTE, battery support, etc. But I worry about being able to drive the display: both in terms of framerate and physical compatibility.

    The display is the only one that I've managed to find that is the right size for the iPod. It's a 2.5" 320x240 TFT panel that can be driven over SPI. This is the datasheet. I've been trying to figure out how I can drive it and from what I can tell from these forums I can simply get a breakout for the 40pin FPC coming out of it and connect the 4 SPI pins and the power to the Omega2 LTE to be able to drive it. Is that correct? Beyond that, it seems like I will have to use the Omega Dash firmware to get some of the visual support? Or will it work out of the box?

    I'm coming from the software side of tinkering so I'm way out of my depth and have had trouble finding digestible content for where to get started. I'm more than happy to put in the work, but honestly, I'm a bit lost at this point and don't want to start buying other parts until it seems reasonably feasible. It seems like @Maximilian-Gerhardt and others have done a lot of amazing work with display outputs, but I'm at a loss for how to actually get started

    Also, as a much more secondary consideration: it seems like I could create a reasonable enough mockup of the iPod GUI with LVGL, but will it be usable in terms of framerate. The Omega2 Dash seems responsive enough, but I can't get a good grasp for how powerful the Omega2 is and what's possible.

    Oh and here's a picture of the panel if that's helpful at all. I tried looking up a lot of the info on the back but it either led back to the datasheet or nothing at all.

  • @elPepino have you looked at the code for Omega Dash? The Dash uses a frame buffer to drive the screen and is based upon Omega2S+ and uses LVGL. I also wonder if you could use the Dash then use a USB LTE device

  • @crispyoz I hadn't considered that, but it seems that getting the display connected to the Omega LTE might be the better option, if it's possible: the Omega LTE is infinitely more compact than most LTE options I've seen and having all of the network info available to software is a huge boon. From what I can tell the Omega Dash only differs in that it has the display adapter built-in, so if I can get the display connected to the Omega LTE and use the Dash drivers or OS, the LTE should be able to drive the display.

    Although I'm now tempted to grab the Dash and just plug in my display instead of the 3.2" and see if it works.

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