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[RESOLVED] Connected but no image

  • Hello Onion Community,
    I have been setting up my jetson nano to receive data from a Tau Lidar (eventually two). I can start the server, and the camera seems to be connected, but the studio is showing concentric circle. It seems to be searching. Is there a help guide online i can read? There is an error about a broken pipe...

    I'll attach some screenshots here in case some one can help.

    Screenshot (373).png

    Screenshot (374).png

  • administrators

    @Rastus Looks like there's some issue with the websocket that sends the frames from the camera to the browser. Can you post the full program log?

    And in the meantime, can you try running the example Python programs? If they run properly, we can rule out any issues with the Tau Camera hardware.

    Follow Step 2 in the Getting Started Guide to run the example programs.
    The distance.py example is a good place to start.

  • @Lazar-Demin Thanks for the reply. I got it going just nowšŸ˜€
    I basically just started over and reflashed my sdcard, I'll attach my notes incase there are other newbs who may benefit.
    edit: (I used Chromium browser, instead of Firefox too)

    Screenshot 2021-08-06 010414.png

    Thanks for developing this 3d lidar! as there are not many options in this price range. Our group hopes to use 1 or 2 of them to guide an autonomous robot. (uni project).

    Can you see any problems with using a Nvidia Jetson to analyse the sensor data? Im looking forward to this challenge.

    Screenshot 2021-08-06 011830.png

  • administrators

    @Rastus Awesome, happy to hear you resolved your issue! I'll add your Jetson setup steps to the FAQ.

    I don't foresee any issue with using the Jetson to analyze the data - should be a fun project. Do you have any specific libraries in mind?

    Make sure to keep us in the loop as your project progresses, we love robots - especially those that use the Tau Camera šŸ™‚

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