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Omega not booting after new FW install

  • The Omega module does not boot up after installing a new FW file. After the file gets installed seemingly correctly using web recovery mode, it starts rebooting and during the first reboot it encounters a fatal exception and the device enters and endless reset loop.
    here is what the end of the log looks like before rebooting:
    end of log.JPG

  • After having looked at the issue we realized that the issue is in the install file that we used. We mistakenly used the file for an Omega2+ install while using and Omega2 module. The two FW files are exactly the same in terms of byte size, however the content is quite different and results in the module not being able to boot properly.

    Here is an image of the log thinking it is an Omega2+ module despite not being one:
    beginning of log.JPG

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