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Pauses and latency when streaming over Wifi

  • Hi,
    I successfully tried - https://onion.io/streaming-video-over-wifi/
    However the stream has pauses and latency.
    Currently running a Onion2S+ eMMC expansion dock connected to a Macbook Pro (2018).

    Any tips on how to reduce the pauses and latency?


  • @SKS The first step is to determine the root cause. Is the issue a) network performance; b) processor performance.

    Perhaps if you provide a link to your video we could test for you.

  • Hi - thank you for the reply.
    a) Network: I'm using a direct wifi connection between the macbook and the Onion to evaluate the setup
    b) Processor Performance: Unknown
    Any further thoughts?

  • @SKS Try installing iperf3 (opkg install iperf3) then running it while you are streaming.
    To evaluate if the issue is cpu performance run top and monitor during streaming

    *nix has soooo many tools to troubleshoot everything, you just need to work your way through potential issues 1 by 1. This is how we learn. And how we go mad!

  • Got it - thanks!

  • @crispyoz when you refer to *nix - what exactly are you referring to? Thanks!

  • @SKS it's a term used by us "oldies" to refer to Unix, Xenix, HPUX, SCO, System IV, Linux, (I'm going to throw in Coherent) etc, all of which are based up on the original Bell product (cue flames) and these days known as POSIX operating systems.

    The Onion Omega2 operating system is an enhanced version OpenWrt (www.openwrt.org) which is, in simplistic terms, Linux minimised.

    The wonderful thing about an OS based upon *nix is that this is an OS standard that basically runs the universe (Sorry Billy Gates) so there are endless apps to do all kinds of really useful stuff and a whole range of apps that many of us wonder why they were ever created.

    Android is based upon Linux, iOS and OSX are based upon BSD Unix, so "*nix" is everywhere.

  • @crispyoz wow everyday is a school day - thanks!

  • @SKS The Omega platform is both an educational opportunity and a commercial opportunity to leverage the decades of *nix progress. This afternoon I was eating caviar and drinking Dom Perignon on my terrace. All bought and paid for by *nix and more recently by products based up Omega2 based electronic gizmoes.

  • @crispyoz cheers for the inspiration and cheers to you!

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