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  • I have recently found these fantastic products and was looking forward to using and promoting them in Australia.

    Sadly, I have found that many other companies the direct support to contact the company is not present. In point of fact the "Support" link on the website takes you to a nice 404 page showing the lack of interest.
    It is a real shame that a company that has developed some great products has failed to do the most basic thing.

    BTW I tried to follow the guide to cross compile the example that was given in the documentation but even that has not been proven well. It was only when I found an article about "A Small but Important Note" that I found the answer.

    If only the company was as good as their products.

  • @Altronics Onion products are community supported, if you think you can make improvements to the documentation you can initiate a pull request and submit your proposed changes, in my own experience Onion are very receptive to improvements.

    I'm not sure which support link you are referring to, could you be more specific so the Onion team is able to address any broken links.

    Here in Oz you can order Onion products through Core Electronics who are based in Newcastle (NSW), I also order through Mouser who ship out of Singapore, or Digikey who ship out of the Colorado.

    You can check the support system at onion.freshdesk.com where the FAQ directs bulk order enquiries to sales@onion.io

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